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Did you ever hear a voice on the radio or TV, and then think to yourself, why does that sound so familiar? Where have I heard that comfortably smooth sound before?
 Shannon Rae is a consummate vocalist. Originally hailing from New York, where her musical career began, this Central Floridian has performed all over Daytona Beach,  Volusia County, as well as Orlando, St. Augustine, and the Villages. Her repertoire spans multiple genres and generations of music. She utilizes a Bose audio system that keeps her sound real and alive. She adds live accompaniment, sometimes piano, or saxophone, or drums, to take you on a musical journey, no matter the genre. She has performed at multiple venues, including weddings, galleries, festivals, restaurants, country clubs, retirement communities, public library concerts, along with private parties and events. Shannon has performed on several original pop and jazz albums, and is signed with an independent record label and also performs a Carpenters Tribute show. To answer the question above, you have probably already heard that voice through her extensive voice-over work on TV and radio.    
Visit the Sample Music page to listen to some of Shannon's recordings. Contact Shannon at:
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