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"Shannon Rae is a consummate pro. As a 38 year music vocal and theory teacher I give her the highest possible rating. Her intonation and phrasing are flawless. Her vocal style adapts to every genre of music she performs. She brings professionalism to every job. She is punctual, caring and does what is necessary to make the job successful. She is a team player. Shannon would be an asset to any band and they would be lucky to have her. Her voice is a standout. As a soloist she is hard to beat."

-Richard M.


"Shannon Rae is always my go to entertainer here at Sunharbor Manor Nursing Home. Beside having a beautiful voice, she is dependable, reliable and a delight to work with. She always comes on time and is always prepared and professional. Shannon is a people person and fully engages our residents. She 100% goes out of her way to go above and beyond. She is kind, compassionate and knows her audience. They ALWAYS look forward to her performance!"

-Michele F.


"I've been working with Shannon Rae musically for about (13) years, and have loved every minute. She has an outstanding voice, reminiscent of Karen Carpenter. Shannon also has a heart of gold, along with tremendous passion for her work. She always goes above and beyond what is expected by the client. Shannon is not a mercenary, so will do her best to work within a client's budget. Shannon Rae is truly a delight to be around, and will absolutely make your special day very special. Your friends and family will rave about Shannon.


-Ben Phillip

Professional Vocalist


"Shannon performed for my parents surprise 50th anniversary party. She was professional from the start. She requested a schedule of the event including when guests would arrive, what time they would be eating, and when they would be leaving. She asked for certain songs my parents might enjoy and collaborated a song list which included my suggestions. She put together a beautiful performance! She engage some of the guests in singing and dancing, and provided background music while the guests enjoyed their meal. She included a cake cutting ceremony complete with their wedding song. Her voice is beautiful and angelic! The guests truly enjoyed her and spoke about it for weeks after the event. Hiring Shannon was the best decision I made and I would truly recommend her for any entertainment event."

-Jennifer P.


"Shannon Rae is an excellent vocalist with a quick learning curve. She takes direction well and always presents herself in a professional, positive manner."

John T.

"I've worked on stage with Shannon many times. It's always an absolute treat. She has a top shelf vocal quality and is a consummate professional at all times. She's beautiful inside and out and when you have her on a project, you have her heart and soul. Whether it's singing or voice over, prepare to be spoiled with talent. This review is coming from a professional performer for thirty four years. Take my word for it, Shannon is all that and more."

Dan M.


"She has the most beautiful voice! And what a professional. As a songwriter, I have used her to record many of my songs. They always sound better when she sings them! I have always worked with her on live gigs. She always gets a great reaction from the audience."

Dave A.


"Shannon Rae has been a musical bright spot for MEDIA MECHANIX for well over 10 years.  She's talented, has great pitch, is flexible to our needs and on top of it all, she's a great person to work with...friendly and accommodating.  I recommend her with no reservations!”

 -Joseph Refano, President-Composer-Producer


"Shannon has one of the most beautiful and effortless voices I have ever had the pleasure to work with!  Her CD, "Sincerely, Shannon" is a shining example of her graceful artistry and a perfect tribute to the music she grew up inspired by.  Let's do some more, Shannon :)”

 -Paul Umbach Producer/Musician

“Shannon Rae is a consummate vocalist in the studio. A total professional who gives her all to every performance.  Her warm persona comes through in her singing and her beautiful tone never wavers no matter what range she's executing. She's real easy to work with; takes direction very well. I dig recording with her.

 -John Tabacco


"Shannon is a truly gifted singer and musical mentor. I look for every opportunity to work with her. "

 -Maria Ferrante-Schepis

Your voice inspires chills down my spine. Your timbre, pitch and sense of timing and dynamics are exquisite, pure,  and come so naturally to you. You are comfortable with the recording process and know what you can get out of it. You have a mature, beautiful tone in your rich alto range, and the high notes are confident, strong and right on.
Thank you for this wonderful gift. Your baby will have the dear privilege of hearing you sing. 
Merry Christmas,


Over the years (20+) that Sound Mechanix / Media Mechanix has been in business, we've gotten a LOT of demo tapes!! I have to say that Shannon is the ONLY one that we 'hunted down'.  I said to my partner Joey, "Hey!, we've got to find this girl!" (For some reason her information on the tape had been lost).  Anyway...,we found her, and I'm very glad we did.! Shannon, is a world-class talent, but more importantly, is a 'world-class person'!

-Paul Brokaw-Media Mechanix

Shannon Rae is a wonderful person with a beautiful voice.  We always enjoy her singing & musical choices and she provides a great atmosphere for our customers

- Michael Anthony from Michael Anthony's Food Bar

Shannon is definitely the most talented and professional person that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is the female lead singer of my band, "Essence", as well as my vocal partner in numerous recording projects. We also work together for Broken Joey Records, an independent Record label."

"Aside from Shannon's unique and distinct singing voice, she is extremely easy to work with, and is always well prepared for the project at hand. I highly recommend her to whomever might need an incredible singer and/or voiceover artist."


Ben Phillip

"Shannon Rae is one the most professional and versatile vocalists I've had the pleasure of working with. Her intonation is flawless and she stylizes with authenticity. She is a consummate professional who brings discipline and detail to every job and treats it as if it were her own!!!"

 -Rich Miranda

"I've had the distinct pleasure of working with Shannon Rae on several occasions, and I must say, that in a live or studio environment, her vocals shine through, and have really made the day! Her professionalism and care have made her a joy to work with."

 "I always love her performances."

 -John Sullivan

 Musician and Studio Engineer

 "It is a pleasure and inspiration to hear Shannon sing!"

 -Dave Anthony

"A beautiful woman with a beautiful voice. A real gem in the biz & total pro. 'MaddenRae,' her former original project, is one of my favorite CDs, and with her experience on stage & in the studio there's nothing Shannon Rae can't do!"
 -Jessie Haynes


"She sings like a rainbow, sweeping through all sorts of colorful shades, yet with a personality all the more pleasant."

 -Rob Ray

Shannon Rae's voice possesses warmth, sincerity, and a soulfulness that really hits home with every phrase that she delivers. I absolutely love her voice. Her performance of "Captured" is nothing less than brilliant. I believe that song is the perfect marriage of a heavenly voice and a beautiful ballad. She gets deep inside the lyric, puts her stamp on it, and makes it her own. She is a real pro, who is totally prepared once she steps behind the microphone. I look forward to the possibility of working together again in the future. Shannon, you're the best.

 -Mike Dragotta
  Musician / Composer

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