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Sweet is a duo of harmony "plus". Shannon Rae and Maria cover songs from many different genres in a variety of styles. Maria Ferrante-Schepis (formerly Umbach), adds another voice, flute and even bass flute to the mix. The arrangements are pleasant and easy on the ears, yet often unique and unexpected. It's not far fetched that you might hear the Beatles, the Etta James and Jethro Tull in the same evening. You will also hear selections that make you say "Oh, I love that song and I totally forgot about it until now!" The personalities of Shannon and Maria are subdued yet playful, humorous and interactive with the audience. You will want to listen a lot, dance a little, sing a long, and perhaps even stuff large bills in the tip jar. 


Sweet is perfect for private parties, cocktail receptions, elegant restaurants and country clubs.

Sweet duo (2)
Sweet duo (1)
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